Attention: models and MUA. Images I provide you for TFP & paid sessions

There are three formats of the images I return to models and MUA.

Non-watermarked web (NWW) At least 1260*840 pixels i.e. One Mega pixel. Mainly supposed to be used on web. Although if printed on small photo 10x15cm (4x6in) is ok.
Watermarked – web (WW) The same + little vertical watermark in bottom-right corner.
Hi-res or retouched (HR) These at least 6 Mpixels print quality images. I never watermark these.

TFP session

All formats have got my contact details in exif part of the JPEG (this is invisible part, but people who are in business can always check it out).

Sometimes models are not sure, which one is format is appropriate. Below are some typical examples and recommended formats for TFP session with me.

Example Recommended format Comments
You want use you picture as avatar NWW Great! Feel free to use non watermarked image. The avatar should reflect your personality and it is nothing to do with my watermark πŸ™‚ ! I am already happy that my photo is used as avatar.
You want to share (great) experience shooting with me ))) WW or NWW Watermarked images suits this case! Although you can use non watermarked and just mention my name – up to you.
Agency asks to send them your photo HR Send them the best you have! If they keen to find out who is the photographer they can use EXIF
Magazine asks\offer feature you as model\MUA for free HR – ask first! TFP means it is shared rights. So you need to ask all parties. Thing is the magazines are not always doing it for no reason… They gain commercial revenue through ads and etc..
You want to show your photo in social network NWW or WW Non-watermarked is fine! You can use watermarked though. But some sites (Facebook & Instagram) are especially bad and do not respect you rights. They literally claim that they can sell anything you uploaded. So adding the watermark will make it bit harder….
Agency\Magazine happy to pay you for the photos None You cannot sell\gain revenue forΒ  TFP photos. The same is true for me – I cannot sell your images and gain commercial value!
You want to print photo on T-shirt\cup\picture and sell it None It is commercial use. Note: I cannot do this ether!
You want yo print photo on T-shirt and wear it or make a gift HR Use the best – HR, no commercial interest – good.

Paid session

After the paid session I often sell models the whole lot of the photos for $1. It does not actually mean you can do whatever you want. The photos come under Royalty Free licence (or Royalty Free Extended).

All recommendations for web resolution pictures from TFP session also appropriate here. But there are differences for HR:

You want to print photo on T-shirt\cup\picture and sell it HR (ex) If I sell you photos under extended licence you actually can sell good using your photo!
Agency\Magazine happy to pay you for the photos None Nope, although you can sell another products (T-shirts) – you still have no rights for the photo itself!
Magazine asks\offer feature you as model\MUA for free None Again no, your Royalty Free rights is not transferable, so the magazine should contact me. (I can give a discount πŸ™‚ )