Attention: models and MUA. Images I provide you for TFP & paid sessions

There are three formats of the images I return to models and MUA.

Non-watermarked web (NWW) At least 1260*840 pixels i.e. One Mega pixel. Mainly supposed to be used on web. Although if printed on small photo 10x15cm (4x6in) is ok.
Watermarked – web (WW) The same + little vertical watermark in bottom-right corner.
Hi-res or retouched (HR) These at least 6 Mpixels print quality images. I never watermark these.

TFP session

All formats have got my contact details in exif part of the JPEG (this is invisible part, but people who are in business can always check it out).

Sometimes models are not sure, which one is format is appropriate. Below are some typical examples and recommended formats for TFP session with me.

Example Recommended format Comments
You want use you picture as avatar NWW Great! Feel free to use non watermarked image. The avatar should reflect your personality and it is nothing to do with my watermark 🙂 ! I am already happy that my photo is used as avatar.
You want to share (great) experience shooting with me ))) WW or NWW Watermarked images suits this case! Although you can use non watermarked and just mention my name – up to you.
Agency asks to send them your photo HR Send them the best you have! If they keen to find out who is the photographer they can use EXIF
Magazine asks\offer feature you as model\MUA for free HR – ask first! TFP means it is shared rights. So you need to ask all parties. Thing is the magazines are not always doing it for no reason… They gain commercial revenue through ads and etc..
You want to show your photo in social network NWW or WW Non-watermarked is fine! You can use watermarked though. But some sites (Facebook & Instagram) are especially bad and do not respect you rights. They literally claim that they can sell anything you uploaded. So adding the watermark will make it bit harder….
Agency\Magazine happy to pay you for the photos None You cannot sell\gain revenue for  TFP photos. The same is true for me – I cannot sell your images and gain commercial value!
You want to print photo on T-shirt\cup\picture and sell it None It is commercial use. Note: I cannot do this ether!
You want yo print photo on T-shirt and wear it or make a gift HR Use the best – HR, no commercial interest – good.

Paid session

After the paid session I often sell models the whole lot of the photos for $1. It does not actually mean you can do whatever you want. The photos come under Royalty Free licence (or Royalty Free Extended).

All recommendations for web resolution pictures from TFP session also appropriate here. But there are differences for HR:

You want to print photo on T-shirt\cup\picture and sell it HR (ex) If I sell you photos under extended licence you actually can sell good using your photo!
Agency\Magazine happy to pay you for the photos None Nope, although you can sell another products (T-shirts) – you still have no rights for the photo itself!
Magazine asks\offer feature you as model\MUA for free None Again no, your Royalty Free rights is not transferable, so the magazine should contact me. (I can give a discount 🙂 )


Skateboard and scooter close-ups – buy images online

Skateboard and scooter close-ups – buy images online at These images taken outdoor and at skateboarding ramp and feature wheels, deck and other elements. There are other images available by searching keywords skateboard and scooter.

1958-minipicCloseup to skateboard trucksScooter on ramp closeup Push scooter closeup

 You can also search images on all other symbiostock websites. At you can pay securely using paypal (also using credit cards) and download images instantly.


Prints available

Art Prints In case you are interested in buying prints for our photos, you can do so at specialised website The same content also available at Fine Art America page. Only the best, most suitable photos selected for these website. At Fine Art America uses local printing services in many countries, so your order is not necessary will be shipped from USA. You can order canvas, acrylic and metal prints, framed prints, posters, there are many many other finishing and shipping options.

Damaged car images – buy & download

Damaged car images – buy & download at These four images taken at light accident, no a horror disaster, just an easy bump. Rear door of the blue car is sligthly damaged. The image is good to illustrate car repair and paint services on ads, websites, etc.


Light car accident Accident from top Car door damage Car body damage

You can buy these images using paypal\credit card and download them just few seconds after the payment.

Wave and surfing images – pay for images with paypal

Wave and surfing images with all power and beauty of the ocean can help you to illustrate different concepts at your design projects, blogs and articles . At View Factor Images you pay for images with paypal, so you can use a credit card or paypal balance. The transaction is secure and safe. Once payment is processed by paypal you are automatically redirected to your account where you can download purchased images.


Why do I need to buy images for my blog?

Well there could be many answers to this question. Unfortunately the most loud answer would be saying – ‘you do not need to’. Well, you actually do not have to! You can just write your blog without images at all. … but that is bit boring. You might decide to prepare images yourself – a good option with some talent and skills. Oh, yeah, you could just grab image from the other website, right? – Wrong! This is stilling images. The right person, who bought image can use it in his blogs, websites, e-mail subscriptions anywhere he likes, any number of times. Once you still the image you have to be careful. Any time, anywhere it is found, it might become a trouble (it can be found it cache, so wiping it from your website might not help). Do you know where this image from? What rights were sold with the image? How long would take to figure out the chances for troubles? Once again do you need to worry about these issues? Theoretically – yes, it might sleep through, but there is chance you will be caught. Do you really need to having these chances to exist? You can just pay $2.50 and be that right person, without any troubles!

Moving truck Here is right usage, done in minutes, the steps are 1) choose image, 2) log in and pay (powered by paypal) 3) download and use.  Actually step 4 is ‘Do not ever worry!’ about this, save time and sleep well)))! One of the recent good examples – usage of the image at This is our image at blog article, it was bought right here. It sends the message of the article, UK Best teachers tuition centre is on the move. ‘ the readers are aware of relocation and even if they forget the text, they remember the image, they can come back and check the map. Writing your blog and maintaining your website becomes easy, chip and quick!  (Yep, and very time efficient!)




Road images – buy without subscriptions

Road images are great for illustrating concepts for background, articles, brochures and websites. Way, path, goal, support, help, guidance and similar ideas can be illustrated with a image of road going away. People spend so much time on the roads these days, so the image itself without any words is sending strong message to a viewer. At View Factor Images you can buy the photos you like on the spot, you do not need to pay subscriptions or plans, just pay and download it within seconds.


These are only few examples, you can search by keyword ‘road’ and you are welcome to browse images from other artists at symbiostock. Buying images at symbiostock you rewarding actual creators, bypassing any agencies. This way you pay less and buy more!

Melbourne tram track works – buy editorial images

Melbourne tram track works – buy editorial image at View Factor Images. Yarra Trams started tram track renewal works on Elizabeth street, blocking most of Elizabeth street intersections for drive through traffic as well as for pedestrians.


You can buy these editorial images on spot with paypal\credit card and download them just few seconds after the payment. Fill free to check our collection of editorial images.

Tall ships in Melbourne – buy editorial images

Tall ships in Melbourne stayed for several days. And on the final day there was a Parade of Sails with several tall ships participating. Lighting conditions were not ideal for the most of the time of the parade. But just at sunset beautiful rays highlighted the clouds  and the ships. Below are the examples of these photos, you can buy them for editorial use only.

Stock Image: Europa Tall Ship


Australian panorama – pay & download

There are number of panoramas available here, the are good for websites headers, flyers, blogs and articles, anywhere you  need narrow beautiful image. There are different aspect ratios available (not to mention you always can crop the part you need).


Feel free to browse or search by keyword panorama

Editorial photos – pay as you go

Editorial photos – pay as you go. Need editorial photo? Search and choose, make instant payment and straight after that you can download the images! Recent examples:  photos  of Melbourne CBD and Docklands – renewed suburb in Melbourne.


Also several photos of emergency services in action in Victoria, Australia:


You can find more browsing Editorial images or search by keywords among all symbiostock network images.

Backgrounds and textures, buy and download photos instantly

Backgrounds and textures, buy and download instantly at starting from as small as $2.5. We are offering not only basic pics to use for web pages, banners or wallpapers. As all our backgrounds and textures are six megapixels photos minimum, you can use them in products requiring high quality printing. They are deep in colors and full of details. To buy the image you like, proceed to check out, choose and pay for the size you need and download it a few moments!

805-minipic503-minipic 1084-minipic931-minipic

Apart from samples above, please fill free to browse our Abstracts & Backgrounds & Textures images.

Buy industrial and construction images


Stock Image: New Road Construction

Buy industrial and construction images for your blogs, web sites and other commercial use (check EULA or contact us if not sure).  These are royalty free photos you can buy starting from $2.50 USD. No subscription or credits required. Just instant secure payment by any credit  card or paypal account (powered by paypal).

Industrial landscapes are something not everyone like, but there is so much beauty of construction site. When it is well organized, well structured and more importantly always live it becomes an art, no less. Massive landscaping works can look especially impressive… add to it sunrises and sunsets, fogs, rains and moving iron giants.  I personally always enjoyed watching machinery moving on construction site, note progressing of the construction process over time, strong lines and bright colors.


Fell free to browse other images in industrial category.



Welcome to buy royalty free images

Stock Image: Panorama With Haystack

Welcome to View Factor Images – our new site where you can buy royalty free images. We hope you will enjoy our  cheap prices and quality of the images. The photos  mainly cover nature, landscapes, editorial images from Australia and more to come. Thank you for visiting the site, fill free to browse the images and contact us if have any questions regarding the images.